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О специалисте

Denisov Sergey Petrovich

Denisov S.P., General Surgeon, Surgeon-Phlebologist, length of service: since 1984 (more than 30 years). High-Level Certificate Surgeon.

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Приём взрослых

Professional skills and experience

  • Skillful in the entire scope of out-patient surgical care, provides out-patient admission, consulting of patients referred by other specialists. Performs out-patient surgery, blocking and other treatment.
  • Completed advanced training in traumatology, abdominal surgery, transfusiology, general surgery, phlebology based at district hospitals of the S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy, RMAPO.

Education and advanced training

Internship in surgery
Graduated from the Saratov Medical Institute, Military Medical Faculty. Completed the internship in surgery.

Work experience:

  • Separate medical battalions and hospitals of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Completed the military service in the position of Senior Surgeon, Clinical Hospital of the Moscow Directorate of Internal Affairs.
  • Since 2002, staff member of the Russian Ministry for Economic Development Out-patient Clinic, Surgeon.